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Master Jason Odekirk

About Choson Martial Arts and Fitness Academy in Roy, UT

Meet Master Jason Odekirk

Co-Owner and Chief Master Instructor at
Choson Martial Arts and Fitness Academy in Roy
5th Dan

Where Families Come to Succeed Together!

You and your little one can kick it into high gear with our dynamic and family focused school environment with a competitive heart!

Now known as Choson Martial Arts & Fitness Academy - you may have heard of us under our previous name, M.O.D. Although the name has changed, our stellar reputation sure hasn't!

Gain a competitive edge, get in the best shape of your life, and have blast training in Traditional TaeKwonDo with us. Our program offerings are geared towards children and families which means we have programs for the competitor in you, your little one, or any member of the family just wanting to lose a few.

We emphasize brains first in all of our programs... but sparring is a big deal too! We love a good competition and we invite other schools to come and train sparring with us. Modern technologies and principles are used in our sparring curriculum to give you the best training possible.

You're safety & stellar training are our main concerns. We're one of the few schools who own and use the Electronic Body Protectors like the ones used in the Olympics.

Swordsmanship, a modified version of PX90 fitness program, and American Kickboxing has been added to our programs to give you the greatest physical conditioning and competitive edge as well.

Why the name change? We completely re-modeled our school after the great Choson Dynasty of Korea. The school took on the look and highlights of the leadership of the Choson emperor. We also highlight the technological achievements the Choson Dynasty gave to the world so you get the most authentic training possible with a modern twist!

Choson Martial Arts & Fitness Academy is always on the leading edge keeping our curriculum current with both World TaeKwonDo Federation and Kukkiwon standards. We're a strong supporter of youth organizations to keep spreading the positive benefits of Taekwondo to the communities we serve. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Master Jason Odekirk, Head Instructor & 5th Dan Black Belt

Master Jason started studying Taekwondo from Utah's first all Taekwondo school, Kim's Academy, when he was only 6 years old. He advanced quickly through the ranks making it to recommended Black Belt.

In 1996, Master Jason entered Weber State University and picked up Taekwondo again in a new light and from the perspective of an adult, which completely changed how he practiced. During this time, Master Jason also gained experience in teaching in the corporate world while working in marketing.

In 2003, Master Jason worked hard and managed to obtain an Adjunct Professors teaching position at Weber State University (WSU) in the Emergency Care and Rescue department training new EMT's.

In 2004, he went back to TaeKwonDo full time with Grand Master Kim and reached his 1st Degree black belt within two years. Grandmaster Kim immediately put him to work managing and teaching in his school and in 2008, Master Jason became a partner in the Taekwondo School M.O.D. By 2009, Master Jason and his family bought the school outright.

Master Jasonís passion for the martial arts continues to this day, as he was appointed to Weber State University's Continuing Education Department in 2017, as their part-time instructor for swordsmanship instruction.

Master Jason is dedicated to the betterment of our communities and the improvement of today's youth's lives and enjoys volunteering his time to programs like the YMCA, YCC and Big Brothers community programs.

He holds degrees from Weber State University in Electronic Media and Criminal Justice, spent time as a Corporal in the Utah Army National Guard, and is a carefree bachelor who is looking for his soul mate..

Master Jason is assisted by†part-time head instructor, MasterCraig Odekirk 4th Dan Black Belt†whom has been teaching for over 10 years.

Master Craig Odekirk

Meet Master Craig Odekirk

Co-Owner and Head Instructor at
Choson Martial Arts and Fitness Academy in Roy
4th Dan

Master Craig Odekirk

Master Craig is Co-Owner of Choson Martial Arts Academy and Fitness. He is a 4th Dan, Black Belt and began his martial arts career in Ogden High School's Army ROTC hand-to-hand combat team (Judo Team). In 1984, he and his sons Jason and Scott joined Master Young Woo Kim's Tae Kwon Do Academy; they were among his first Utah students and are the only original students that are still affiliated with him. In 1986, Craig won the first US Tae Kwon Do Union sanctioned tournament in Utah. As a brown belt, middle weight, he fought a second degree black belt to tied matches and eventually won the heavy weight division in sudden death.

Master Craig graduated from Weber State University with two Bachelor of Arts degrees. One is in Geology with a minor in Economics and the second in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry.

He is a Certified Public Manager: Utah DHRM and University of Utah, Center for Public Policy and Administration. He was the founder and first President of the Utah Society of Certified Public Managers and past President of the American Academy of Certified Public Managers.

Master Craig is a retired Chemist/Microbiologist from the Utah Public Heath Laboratory where he served as Quality Assurance Officer, Clinical Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program Manager and later as the Environmental Laboratory Certification Program Manager.

Master Craig is also a retired Colonel from the US Army where he spent 4 ½ years on active duty and 25 years in the US Army Reserve. His military education includes: Army Engineer School; Command and General Staff College; Defense Strategy Course, Army War College; RC National Security Course, National Defense University; and Air War College.

He is currently a Program Manager in the ICBM Directorate of the US Air Force. He is a Certified Acquisition Professional in Program Management and Life Cycle Logistics.

Master Craig is Distinguished Toastmaster; past Area Governor; and past Division Governor, and a HAM radio operator.


Sir Cody

Sir Cody has spent over 10 years developing movements for Taekwondo. Long days spent doing the same motions over and over again, until it became a natural part of his movement, has helped him connect with his students.

His Taekwondo style is built with a strong foundation of footwork and clever placement and combinations for strikes due to his boxing background. Sir Cody learned boxing in a small, local gym, with motions inspired by the greats such as Thomas Hearns and Roberto Duran.

The kickboxing style he teaches focuses on strong upper body movements, with a large variety of kicks, made possible by his solid foundation in Taekwondo.

Master Hector

Master Hector has been practicing taekwondo for over nine years. He likes to combine the traditional style side of Taekwondo, including forms and board breaking, with the Olympic style of the martial art which includes sparring. Including all aspects of Taekwondo to keep a solid foundation; he encourages his students to find their own sparring style. His personal style can be described as wild and instinctive.

In addition, he encourages his students to constantly improve and learn as they grow, so he's doing the same! Hector is currently a student at the local university studying medical sciences.


Master Josh

Master Josh began training in the art of Taekwondo in 2004 and has made it a crucial part of his life ever since. He firmly believes in working hard to grow stronger, smarter, and become the best person possible, every day. His love for Taekwondo has even lead to him achieving a Bachelors of Science degree in Athletic Therapy at Weber State University.

In addition to teaching Taekwondo, he is currently going to school to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. Mr. Josh loves the experiences of learning, improving self confidence, and helping others to do the same.

Sir Christian

Mr. Christian Wentzell has been studying Taekwondo since the age of 10. Now, a 3rd Degree black belt he loves to fuse his vibrant personality with his many years of experience to give a unique teaching experience to his students. Obtaining his high ranking black belt status was one of my his biggest achievements for 2015.

His second biggest achievement was making it to eagle scout! Presently Sir Christian is in high school and enjoying academic studies. He looks forward to studying chemistry in university and working in the science field when he graduates college.


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