Choson Martial Arts: Taekwondo - Self defense for yourself and loved ones, while getting in great shape

Choson Martial Arts Taekwondo is a great way for kids to gain confidence and get a great workout!

Choson Martial Arts is dedicated to the success of our students. Our martial arts program focuses on teaching Taekwondo mixed with Karate and Kenpo. With our dynamic and family focused school environment our students will learn how to defend themselves and get in the best shape of their life. We recognize that classes can get repetitive. At Choson Martial Arts we like to mix things up to keep things interesting. We also learn Kick Boxing and Kummooyeh (swordmanship).

Not only do we at Choson Martial Arts want our students to succeed in our martial arts classes but we aim to help them set goals to improve in their academics, attitude towards others and learning to communicate with others.

At Choson Martial Arts we are dedicated to the safety of our students. This is why we make sure all of our instructors are background checked regularly and have to complete the Safe Sport certification annually.

Parent Testimonials:

We started our 2 boys going the Choson Martial Arts summer day camp. It was such a great experience for them. they really enjoyed the activities and learning new things. They liked it so much we kept going. We really like the variety that they offer with Taekwondo, kickboxing, and swordsmanship. The teachers are very good with all the kids.

— Scott Young

My son started in the Choson Martial Arts summer program. He really enjoyed it and wanted to continue. This martial arts program has boosted his self-esteem and he looks forward to going and learning new skills. It is also great exercise for him. All of the instructors are amazing. Master Jason has a great martial arts program and is an amazing leader for the kids to follow. My son is excelling and is already an orange belt. I'm a proud momma.

— Julie Blanch

Great training, good atmosphere that's strongly grounded in letting the kids learn the teaching of martial arts beyond combat. Only reason I stopped going was work and location took me too far away from fitting it in the rest of my priorities. Always would love to make my way back to the school. Jason is a very patient and experienced instructor, and if you show the commitment he'll return the training to you and accommodations.

— komoriblues

First let me say that Choson Martial Arts is a totally AWESOME school! We had our friends the William's tell us they moved their children from their "other school" to Choson Martial Arts and they encouraged us to come check out the school. The instructors: Masters' Craig, and especially Master Jason transformed my kids into skilled martial artists. I can only say you should stop looking at other schools and study with Choson Martial Arts Academy!

— Michael Gardner